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Forward Head Posture (FHP)


The neck is comprised of 7 (cervical) vertebrae, intervertebral discs that hold the vertebrae together, numerous muscles, and ligaments. Normal, healthy cervical vertebrae should be in a C-shaped curve; the “forward head posture” refers to the condition in which the vertebrae is lined up in a straight line.
The C-sharped curve in the cervical vertebrae acts like a flexible spring that cushions and disperses stress. In the case of FHP, the rigid alignment of vertebrae absorbs the traumatic impacts into the spine, causing gradual disc degeneration. The afflicted discs may progress into cervical disc herniation or disc degeneration.

Forward Head Posture


No symptoms accompany the early stages of FHP. As the condition progresses, however, the neck becomes stiff due to the damaged muscles and tendons as well as shoulder and back pains. In severe cases, headaches, eye fatigue, and tingling/numbness in hands.


Poor living habits are the main cause of FHP.

  • Using a pillow that is too high
  • Long term habit of sitting with protruded head and neck
  • Long term habit of poor posture- sitting and standing with shoulders rounded and back hunched
  • Flat feet or over-pronated feet
  • Wearing ill-fitting shoes, such as heels as flats, for extended period
  • Looking down while using computer
  • Looking down to smart phone for extended period
  • Placing book or newspaper on the floor while reading
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