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Degenerative Disc Disease



In the case of degenerative disc disease, pain is induced by as the intervertebral disc fails to function as the shock-absorber, due to the shrinkage of the gel-like substance in the core of intervertebral disc, nucleus polposus.
The degenerated bone spurs in the vertebrae and the affected intervertebral disc irritate the adjacent nerves, resulting in inflammation and pain.
In the past, those over 50 years of age were affected by the disease yet today many in their 30~40s have been diagnosed with the condition.


  • Similar symptoms with disc herniation; lower back pain, hip pain and ache
  • Pain while sitting, numbness/tingling and soreness in legs
  • Exacerbation of pain when sitting for extended period of time


The main cause of the degenerative disc disease is due to the degenerative fibrocartilage in intervertebral discs. Long-term wear and tear of bad posture while using in back, muscles, and ligament accelerates the degeneration process.
Degeneration of fibrocartilage may be caused by the following - repeated motion of bending forward or lifting, bad habits of sitting cross-legged or sitting with legs crossed, as well as lack of exercise and obesity.
Abnormal stress on the back from the abovementioned factors accelerates the degeneration of vertebrae, weakening of adjacent muscles and ligament, and degeneration of fibrocartilage.

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