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Disc Herniation (Lumbar, Cervical)

What is intervertebral disc?

Intervertebral discs are cartilage tissues located in between vertebrae in the spine. Lumbar disc herniation is a condition in which an intervertebral disc bulges from its position from lifting injuries, automobile accidents, and other physical trauma, causing compression of the nerves and pain.

Disc herniation is accompanied with lumbar and lower body pains(thighs, shins, feet, etc.) due to the bulged discs pressing on the spinal nerves.

Initial Examination Procedures

Disc Herniation (Lumbar, Cervical)

Symptoms by disc herniation levels

Disc Herniation (Lumbar, Cervical)


  • Lower back pains and aches
  • Tingling/numbness, pain, or soreness in sacrum, thighs, shins, end of toes
  • Weakening in parts of lower body
  • Stiffness or pain in lower back while washing hair in the morning (bending head forward)
  • Dull lower back pain
  • Pain when bending forward at the waist or while sitting
  • Difficulty in wearing socks
  • Lower back pain when sitting for extended period


  • Traumatic pressure on the lower back from lifting heavy object
  • Stress on neck or lower back from bad habits
  • Gradual accumulation of pressure on neck or lower pain from daily activities
  • Acute increase in abdominal pressure from extreme coughing, sneezing, defecation, etc.
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