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First Examination/Re-Examination Procedures

Initial Examination Procedures

Initial Examination Procedures

Details for the initial examination

�� Completion of the questionnaire for the First examination and Reception at the department of administration

Please complete the First examination questionnaire on B1, then submit the questionnaire to the department of administration. Under the guidance of the staff at the department of administration, the first examination will be conducted.

�� First examination

This is to identify the level of the patient's pain, muscle strength and determine abnormality through inquiries and neurological examinations and to prescribe medication according to the patient's condition.

�� Tests (receiving payment)

X-RAYs, DITI (Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging), Quantitative sensory function tests, MRI and Osteoporosis tests prescribed for the patient will be conducted in the test rooms of B1.

�� Description of the test results

After completing the tests, under the guidance of staff, please insert information paper on medical examination's order in reception box located in front of the clinic room of the doctor in charge. Then please wait for your turn. Based on the test results by the doctor in charge, we will diagnose your condition and determine how to treat it. After listening to the detailed description and the suggestions on treatment/procedure (method) from the advanced consultation nurse, you will be able to receive the treatment/procedure.

�� Procedures (receiving payment)

Please pay the procedure/treatment fee before the procedure/treatment. Then under the guidance of the staff, please go to the assigned Treatment room (Operating room) and wait in the room. The staff in charge will conduct medical treatments / procedures in the order they are requested.

Re-examination procedures

Re-examination procedures

Details for the Re-examination

�� Reception at the department of administration

Please sign in at the department of administration. The medical examination will be conducted in the order the are received.

�� Practice performed by the physician in charge

For current symptoms, you will consult the physician in charge and then receive a prescription.

�� Remitting hospital fees and preparation for treatment

Please pay your medical fee at the department of administration before receiving treatment. Then please wait at the waiting room located in front of the treatment room. When you enter the treatment room, you will prepare for the treatment under the guidance of a nurse. Then you will receive the treatment from the physician in charge.

�� Treatment

If you're in the waiting room, a nurse will guide you to the physician in charge for treatment.