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Cancer Fatigue

What is cancer fatigue?

‘Cancer fatigue’ refers to the fatigue, helplessness, weakness, etc. that many patients feel before, during and after cancer treatments.

Cause of cancer fatigue

There are various causes of cancer fatigue. The cancer itself may require a lot of energy, depriving energy from the patient, or cytokines and other particular proteins released from the cancer cells may cause the fatigue. Moreover, the treatments for cancer, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, etc. may also be the cause of the fatigue. In addition, chronic cancer pain, stress, lack of sleep, malnutrition, etc. worsens the cancer fatigue.
In most cases, the cause of the fatigue is not isolated to one cause, but to a combination of numerous causes, therefore, comprehensive management may be necessary.

Treatment for cancer fatigue: Cancer fatigue immunity injection

The cancer fatigue immunity injection is a nutritional supplement administered intravenously that is a combination of nutrients tailored to the individual symptoms and needs of the patient. General intravenous nutritional supplements focus on supplementing calories, so for cancer patients who lack vitamins and minerals may not be able to fully utilize the calories. However, the intravenous nutritional supplements provided at our medical center, based on functional medicine, will quickly provide various nutrients through the veins to aide energy production and restore functions of healthy cells, thereby increasing immune system and overcome cancer fatigue. In addition, it has been reported through thesis papers that they improve the quality of life of cancer patients.

Medical check up before treatment

The cancer fatigue immunity injections are implemented after the basic medical checks regarding the functions of the patient’s internal organs and cells have been completed. In most cases, the patients who come to our medical center would already have completed the basic check ups, so the basic treatments can be commenced on the first day; however, for a more effective personalized care, additional tests may be performed with the physician’s discretion. The treatment will be more effective if the optimal combination of nutrients have been decided after considering the various test results before the injection is administered.

Basic organ function tests
Liver and kidney function tests, anemia test, thyroid function tests, blood sugar tests
Basic cellular function test
Homocysteine test, 저장철 test, inflammation response test, vitamin test (B1, C, D)
Thorough cellular function test
Hair mineral test, saliva hormone test, urine organic acids test