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Types of Cancer Pain

Types of Cancer Pain

Cancer pain can broadly be classified into visceral pain, somatic pain, and neuropathic pain.

Somatic pain is pain associated with acetabulum, muscles or bones, which is usually confined to specific regions, and the patient is likely to feel aches and soreness and possibly pulsating pains or muscle tightness as well.

Visceral pain, associated with lesions of the internal organs, affects vague and broad area, where the patient experiences soreness and stiffness, and possibly sharp pains as well.

Neuropathic pain occurs when the cancer infiltrates the peripheral or central nervous system. The patient often have symptoms such as numbness or tingly sensations, pain as if flesh is being torn away, burning sensation, unpleasant odd feeling, allodynia that hurts just by touching, hyperalgesia that causes the patient to experience more pain than usual, etc. Such pain can be constant or sporadic without any notice. It is a good indication that the pain is neuropathic pain if increased narcotic analgesics do not have any effect.