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What is Cancer Pain

What is Cancer Pain?

‘Cancer pain’ is a comprehensive term, which includes pain caused by the cancer itself through cancerous tissues infiltrating or applying pressure, pain resulting from treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation therapy, secondary pain from ailments derived from cancer such as constipation or muscle stiffness, pain that the patient previously had that is without any direct relations with the cancer, etc.

The cancer pain is often not properly controlled due to various reasons, such as concerns related to the painkillers being addictive and their side effects, avoiding treatment in fear of the pain, misconception that pain is inevitable, concerns that the doctor may not effectively treat the patient if the patient expresses the pain, etc.

If the cancer pain is not properly controlled, the patient may experience difficulty sleeping, find difficult doing everyday tasks, loss of appetite, depression, and deterioration of interpersonal relationships, etc. Most cancer pains can be controlled or reduced. Treatment for pain should be recognized as part of cancer treatment, and the pain should not be considered to be inevitable. We wish that cancer patients experience better days with their loving family and friends through receiving adequate pain control and receive aggressive chemotherapy.