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Injection Therapy for Improving Immunity

Injection for Postural Muscle Fatigue

  • Office workers with muscle tension following working at a desk and on a computer for a long time
  • Stiff neck, back pain and headaches
  • Pain in leg muscles
  • When often feeling kind of dizz,y especially in the afternoon
  • Migraines

Injection for Muscle Fatigue After Exercise (Golf Injection)

  • Muscle fatigue caused by strenuous exercise
  • Significant decrease in stamina after exercise
  • Slow recovery from fatigue after exercise
  • If slow recovery from fatigue substances are accumulated in the muscles after exercise, pain and muscle fatigue worsen

Injection for Stamina Recovery in the Elderly (for Parents)

  • Decreased vigor with age
  • Muscle strength lower than before
  • Poor recovery from fatigue
  • Weakened stamina
  • When body temperature drops and the body becomes more susceptible to colds

Injection for Travel Fatigue

  • Reinforcement of stamina before a trip
  • Adapting to time change and recovery from fatigue after a trip
  • Myalgia occurring after the trip
  • Recovering from a severe cold due to poor immunity from taking a trip

Injection for Blood Circulation

  • For cold hands or feet or poor blood circulation
  • Frequently occurring fatigue and decreased vigor
  • When feeling dizzy
  • If you feel nausea accompanied by dizziness

Injection for Improving Concentration (for Passing Exams)

  • Students preparing to take admission tests or national examinations
  • Cumulative fatigue caused by a lack of sleep and poor concentration and memory caused by stress
  • Frequent lack of essential nutrients caused by a poor diet

Injection for Relief from a Hangover

  • The elimination of a hangover after heavy drinking
  • Physical reinforcement before drinking alcohol
  • Recovery from an increasingly worsening hangover
  • Business people entertaining business partners: quicker hangover relief

Injection for Liver Detoxification

  • to relieve constantly occurring gas in the digestive tract and abnormal stools from liver detoxification problems
  • to ease an increasingly worsening hangover
  • to elevate liver enzymes or fatty liver
  • to counter frequent constipation or diarrhea
  • to sooth an irritated stomach after eating the wrong foods

Nutrient Injection to Get Over a Bad Cold

  • If a weak immune system makes you susceptible to colds often
  • If a severe cold does not go away even after taking medication
  • If the cold symptoms are more severe than in the past

Injection for Hypothermal Post-Childbirth Syndromes syndromes

  • to ease symptoms of pain or chills after childbirth
  • to prevent feeling cold all the time along with a low body temperature
  • to reduce chills or pains after extreme dieting or major surgery

Injection for Adrenal Fatigue

  • Severe stress and subsequent adrenal dysfunction
  • Feeling of constant exhaustion
  • Frequent headaches or muscular pain
  • Frequently occurring hypoglycemia and worsened dizziness
  • Severe dizziness when getting up from your chair or standing up quickly

IV Nutrient Injection Therapy & Nutritional Therapy

What is IV nutrient injection therapy?

Through an intravenous injection, nutrient injections are properly mixed and are injected into the vein according to an inpidual's condition and need. The hospital offers about 20 different nutrient injections that can be mixed (vitamins, minerals, placenta, licorice, herbs, garlic, etc.). Among them, the types of nutrients necessary are determined according to the results of the consultation and a medical examination and tests of functional medicine and at the discretion of the physician. About 10 types of nutrients are mixed and are administrated to increase the effects of the treatment.

IV those who need nutrient injection therapy

  • - Workers suffering from chronic fatigue
  • - Those who cannot recover from fatigue well due to lack of sleep
  • - Those who always feel tired due to lack of sleep
  • - Students who want to increase concentration
  • - Those who are suffering from chronic muscle pain
  • - Patients with poor blood concentration and frequent dizziness
  • - Those who want relief from a hangover quickly
  • - Those who want to improve their liver function
  • - Those whose stamina has decreased due to aging
  • - Those who want to recover from fatigue before and after extreme exercise
  • - Those who want a speedy recovery before and after drinking
  • - Those who want a speedy recovery from fatigue before and after traveling
  • - Students who want a speedy recovery before and after test
  • - Cancer patients who want to increase immunity after chemotherapy
  • - Those who want anti-aging, improved skin elasticity and skin whitening
  • - Athletes who want better performance
  • - Those who feel severe chronic fatigue caused by adrenal dysfunction

IV nutrient Injection therapy characteristics

  • - Personalized and customized therapy by a nutrient therapy specialist for functional medicine
  • - Improved effects with an individual mixture to replace insufficient nutrients
  • - Because the injections are directly administered into the blood vessels and easily reach the cells for immediate action, treatment effects are immediate compared to dietary nutrients.

Nutritional Therapy

Nutrients are set specifically to target the patient's particular condition.
It is difficult for people these days to get enough essential vitamins and minerals from regular food.
Complementary nutrients are essential to maintain optimum health.

But there are many kinds of nutrients and even the same vitamins or minerals can vary in absorption.
So the hospital offers high quality products according to the condition of the patient.
Therefore, if possible, it is recommended to get nutrients customized for the status of the patient.

  • In accordance with a doctor's orders, if necessary, drugs will also be prescribed.
  • It is essential to receive education on dietary therapy and life therapy to keep at home and act on them.
  • Nutrients (supplements) for chronic fatigue can be purchased in Bugil, located in the hospital building quite conveniently. (You can also make inquiries at the desk of the department of administration located on floor B2.)