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Chronic Fatigue Program and Exam

What is Chronic Fatigue?

Do you feel extremely tired all the time?
Sometimes you go to the hospital and take various tests, but you don't know the exact cause of your condition.
If you experience problems in daily life due to inexplicable fatigue and have suffered for more than 6 months, you could be diagnosed with ‘Chronic fatigue’.
If you are always tired and feeling unwell even without a particular disease, the symptoms arise from deteriorated cell function which can be worsened by factors such as bad eating habits, heavy metals, environmental toxins, stress and lack of sleep.

Program of the Chronic Fatigue Clinic

Step 1: Primary symptom questionnaire & care/Step 2:Various examinations Basic,Close/Step 3:Personalized treatment &Roadmap consulting/Step 4:Treatment (IV Nutrient injection therapy & Nutritional therapy) / Step 5:Lifestyle Correction / Step 6:Future management

Chronic Fatigue Test

Step 1 : Basic examination for disease
- Anemia, liver function, kidney function, thyroid, rheumatism and diabetes
Step 2 : Basic examination for cell function
- Serum ferritin measurement, inflammation response tests, homocysteine assay and vitamin tests (3 types: B1, D and C)
Step 3 : Close examination for cell function
- Hair mineral test: to measure imbalances of nutrient minerals, heavy metal pollution and the interaction between the minerals in the body /- Saliva hormone test: measurement of stress hormones which cannot be known by blood tests /- Urine organic acid analysis: to identify abnormal reaction among tens of thousands of chemical reactions taking place in the body and find out problems of cell function in patients with chronic fatigue of unknown cause/- Chronic food allergy test: to identify chronic allergies to common foods and to identify the causes   of chronic fatigue toxins