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Exercise for Strengthening Deep Muscle

What is Exercise for Strengthening Deep Muscle (Huber)?

  • Direct vertebral enhancement method, HUBER
  • In order to strengthen spinal segments, the use of a state-of-the-art 3D Moving Platform enables a pumping movement of repeated contractions and relaxation of the muscles and stimulates the blood vessels ensuring the mobility of the joint as well as the flexibility of adhesive joints.

Effects of the Exercise

  • Prevention, mitigation and reduction of back pain
  • Improvement of muscular strength following the exercise of deep muscle less stimulated by regular exercise
  • Posture correction and strengthened spinal muscles
  • Improvement of overall muscular strength
  • Exercise in patients with difficulty in movement due to painful joints or old age
  • Growth movement through activation of the bone cross section and bone joints and stimulation of the growth plate
  • Strengthened lower body (knees, ankles) and improved health of the joints (joints become stronger and surface muscles become smoother)