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Core Excercise's Manual Therapy

What is Core Exercise Manual Therapy?

The core of the treatment of disc or stenosis is to prevent recurrence.
In order to prevent the recurrence of spinal disease, it is important to properly strengthen the deep muscles that play an important role in stabilizing the spine by sticking close to the disc and supporting the spine.
If the deep spinal muscles become stronger through core exercise manual therapy, the spine becomes stronger fundamentally.
If needed, using a special ultrasound device during core exercise manual therapy, you can check the exact contractions of the deep muscle.

Therapeutic Targets

  • If the waist is often twisted along with the sound in the spine
  • If the waist is often twisted
  • If the waist strength is weak due to weak muscles
  • If the prevention of back pain, neck pain, disc herniation and stenosis recurrence is needed

Ultrasound Images of the Corset Muscle