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Disc Decompression Therapy

Disc Decompression therapy

For NASA astronauts who have lived in gravity-free space, it is found that the gap between the intervertebral disc increased and that they became taller while experiencing a reduction in back pain. The therapy originates from this observation. In 1985, a spinal traction device that can reduce the pressure inside the disc continuously during pulling the lumbar was developed. A clinical study that investigated the effect of the spinal traction on intradiscal pressure showed that the use of the device significantly reduced intradiscal pressure to about -150mm/HG.

[During Normal Activity]IDP = 100-300 mmHg /[Spinal Decompression]IDP = -150 mmGg,Disc height : 7mm increase

This is a non-surgical therapy which has advanced to a patient-customized "weightless disc decompression therapy" for a disc patient's comfort and care. The decompression therapy is a traction therapy for returning the herniated disc to the normal. The therapy reduces the pressure on the disc gradually and creates negative pressure. Through this, oxygen, water, protein and other things are supplied to the disc in order to treat it. Due to the absence of side effects, patients suffering severe pain can receive the therapy easily.

Disc decompression therapy system in zero-gravity