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Microwave Diathermy


Microwave diathermy (microwave diathermy, MWD) is a therapy to heat a specific tissue selectively through the character of selective absorption of microwaves (using 2450MHz) in high-water-content tissues.


As compared to short-wave therapy, the microwave is observed in high-water-content tissues such as muscle and blood tissues more than fat tissues.
Thus, it is possible to heat deep tissue selectively without heating subcutaneous tissue excessively.

Treatment Effects

  • Enhanced blood flow to stimulate tissue regeneration, improved drug reactions enabling effective pain relief and removes toxic waste in the tissue efficiently.
  • Activation of metabolism
  • Increased tensile strength of fibrous collagen tissue
  • A significant reduction in muscular contracture and joint stiffness
  • Promotion of healing of chronic inflammation and chronic infection


  • Degenerative knee arthrosis
  • Back pain
  • Frozen shoulder
  • Contracture of soft tissue
  • Diseases accompanied by pain and muscular contracture
  • Sub-acute and chronic inflammatory diseases


  • Ischemic or bleeding region
  • Metal-implanted region
  • Joint in the growth period
  • The region near the eyes or male genital organ
  • The region with thermal sensory impairment or thermal hyperalgesia
  • The region with acute inflammation, infection, and skin diseases
  • The case of severe heart disease or abnormal blood pressure