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Reinforced Injection Therapy



Prolotherapy is not a temporary pain suppression injection but a fundamental therapy to treat the cause of pain fundamentally. During the therapy, the substance that has a higher osmotic pressure than the ligaments is injected into them. Through this, the therapy strengthens weakened ligaments and resolves the chronic pain.
Once the ligaments are generated, they support the spine firmly like the original healthy spine. So the therapy has an immense effect on pain relief.
The therapy is simple and has lower risk. However, the precise injection of drugs into the region of pain is needed. For ligament-enhancing drugs or other drugs, the dose must be precisely controlled by a proper medicine, depending on the status of the patient.
Therapeutic targets include Lumbar disc herniation, Cervical disc herniation, Ligament pain, Spondylolisthesis, Scoliosis, Spinal Stenosis, Spondylolysis, Frozen shoulder and Joint pain.

Neural Adhesion Inhibitor Injection


For the adhesion between nerve and disc, the adhesion inhibitor is used to treat the adhesion, relieve nerve pain and reduce pain. The muscles relating the nerve will be relaxed and there is smoother blood circulation The injection will reach the intervertebral foramen in the region of severe pain in order to treat the nerve using a highly advanced technique. The targets include Lumbar disc herniation, Cervical disc herniation, Spinal Stenosis, Spondylolisthesis and Sciatica.

MBB (Medial Branch Block)


This is a therapy for the nerves relating to posterior spinal articulate. The therapy makes facet joint smoother, relieves pain and improves exercise capacity.

The targets include degenerative and age-related spinal disorders, anterior displacement and stenosis and disc herniation.

Infrared Thermography Inspection Before and After Injection Therapy

In healthy people, the distribution of body heat is symmetrical. But for the region of pain, body heat either increases or decreases and the balance is broken.
Thus, infrared thermography shows color images of subtle changes in body heat in the regions of pain and disease and distinguishes between nerve damage, inflammation, and circulatory disorders for a correct diagnosis.

before and after Injection therapy

The pictures show the change from severe pain (blue color) caused by the adhesion of the nerves of the left leg in the infrared thermography inspection to a return to normal status.
The above pictures are excerpts from the book, "Non-surgical cure for Waist Disorders�� by Doyle Go, the Chairman of Godoil Hospital.


  • Depending on the patient, there may be some pain after the procedure.
  • There may be changes in the menstrual cycle for female patients, but at the end of treatment, it returns to normal.
  • In the process of the ligament's growth, pain can occur, but it is the process of recovery of the ligament.