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Microscopic Surgery

Surgeries under local anesthesia for patients who inevitably need it

What is Microscopic Surgery?

Under the motto of "The treatment of back diseases without surgery", Godoil Hospital has treated 90% of its patients with non-surgical therapy except for the patients where surgery is essential and unavoidable. For those patients, we have introduced a safer Microscopic surgery conducted under a local anesthesia.


  • Due to the use of a local anesthesia, it is safer with no negative aspects of a general anesthesia.
  • Due to minimizing the incision, there is almost no bleeding and it leaves almost no scar.
  • There is little risk of damage to normal tissues and less pain after surgery.
  • Because the recovery time is faster, the patient can return to normal life within a short period of time.

Surgical Targets

  • When you feel weak in the knees and cannot walk
  • When you can not see the toilet properly
  • In the case of paraplegic symptoms
  • When all other therapies for disc treatment have no effect