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Areas of Expertise

Since opening in 2001, Godoil Hospital has focused primarily on non-surgical treatments of spinal disorders, advancing the study of spine, pain and joint ailments.

To target different needs, we have established various specialized centers including:

  • Non-Invasive Treatment Center for non-surgical procedures;
  • Reinforced Injection Center for strengthening the ligament in the deep region of the spine;
  • Chiropractic Center for spine alignment to reduce pain and to correct posture;
  • Physical Therapy Center for rehabilitation to prevent the recurrence of spinal ailments; and
  • Chronic Pain Treatment Center for patients with chronic pain.

Godoil Hospital provides safe and accurate interdisciplinary care through collaborative efforts of specialists from neurosurgery, pain medicine, orthopedics, internal medicine, family medicine, radiology, etc. For the convenience of our patients, hours of operation have been extended into the evenings and Saturdays.

The Non-Invasive Treatment Center has been recognized for offering various non-surgical procedures customized to patient’s specific conditions. Some notable non-surgical procedures performed by Godoil Hospital include neuroplasty, epidural endoscope, FIMS, neural adhesion, dissection with balloon, and radio frequency decompression of nucleus pulposus.

If surgery is necessary, we conduct spinal surgeries using a reginal anesthesia instead of a general anesthesia.

Godoil Hospital has been a leading hospital for non-invasive treatments of spinal disorders for more than a decade. Godoil Hospital will continue to be relentless in the research efforts to prevent the recurrence of pain for spinal disorders patients.