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Message from the Chairman

I am the Chairman of Godoil Hospital, DoYle Koh.
We specialize in non-surgical treatments for spinal pain and joint ailments.

Everyone at some point in their lives will experience a form of physical discomfort. Such discomfort is potentially an indication of health issues.

Since today’s lifestyle demands extensive time sitting, many people suffer from mild to severe discomfort, regardless of age and gender. It is extremely important to take caution and seek medical attention when the pain is in your back.

Accurate diagnosis and proper treatment during the initial stages of spinal ailments are important to prevent the progression of pain and/or disease.

We, at Godoil Hospital, strive to offer the highest quality care and services through accurate diagnosis, effective treatment and proper monitoring.
We aim to provide our patients with a pleasant environment for healing and relief until the discomfort is completely gone.

Godoil Hospital sincerely wish our patients with a speedy recovery,
free from all discomforts, ailments and pain.

Thank you.