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[Pain Relief Institute] Shaking in Your Boots? Carpal Tunnel Syndrome





[Pain Relief Institute] Shaking in Your Boots?  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome



Hello again from the Pain Relief Institute at Godoil Spine Hospital!

Although this disorder typically affected women between 40 and 60 years of age,

it’s now found in all people regardless of age and gender.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be called a modern disorder affecting modern people.

Frequent smartphone and computer mouse usage in the office and in our youth has

attributed to a rapid surge of incidences Please pay close attention if the name of the disorder sounds

unfamiliar to you or if you're unaware of the affected area.




Name: Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)

Characteristics: A small passageway on the palm side of the wrist called the carpal tunnel narrows

and the median nerve that passes through the tunnel becomes compressed, causing nerve problems and

possible permanent damage.

Symptoms: Severe hand shaking may occur when the joints in the wrist or fingers are bent into a particular posture,

or numbness, tingling, or burning sensations may be felt in the palm region.

Associated with: Diabetes, obesity, chronic renal failure, etc.

Carpal tunnel syndrome usually occurs when pressure is applied to the wrist for extended periods of time,

especially in a poor posture. There is a 50% probability of developing the symptoms within a lifetime,

so it's a very common disorder.


1. The feeling in my fingertips has become dull even though I didn't use my hands or wrists excessively.

2. I often feel a sharp pain in my wrist(s).

3. I often feel numbness and/or tingling in my palm(s).

4. I often feel numbness and/or tingling in my arm(s).

5. I feel numbness and/or tingling in my hand(s) one minute after putting the backs of my hands together

with the hands downward at 90 degree angles.

If you've regularly experienced three or more of the above five symptoms, you may be suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome.

※ Self-diagnosis is not a replacement for professional consultation. We recommend that you see a medical professional

for an accurate diagnosis.



The hands and wrists contain free and flexible joints and are some of the busiest parts of the body.

The hands are used more than ever especially in modern times for their ability to handle sophisticated and delicate work.

Because the hands contain many fine nerve cells, they're also some of the most sensitive areas of the body.

However, the hands are constantly active with almost no rest, and thus they are prone to fatigue.

Give your hands a small but sufficient rest, and your little habits will help you regain dexterity.





As long as there are no external injuries near your wrists, you may use warm water for a hot hand bath for 10 to 20 minutes.

The temperature of the water should be slightly higher than you feel is sufficient when felt with the back of the hand.

(Warm, but not too hot.) Set the water level to approximately 5 cm (2 in.) above the wrists and relax your hands.



Wrist massages require a partner as you need to use both hands.

The person who will receive the wrist massage should place his or her elbows on a flat surface with the forearms slightly raised.

The partner stabilizes one arm with one hand and grabs the wrist with the other to thoroughly massage the wrist by

making small circular motions with the thumbs. In another technique, the partner giving the massage grabs one of the wrists

with one hand and clasps the fingers with the other. The partner slowly pulls the fingers outward to relieve tension in the hands.


Treatments for relieving carpal tunnel syndrome

1. Non-surgical treatment

With a professional therapist, a patient can receive physical therapy on a regular basis supplemented

with medicinal treatment using anti-inflammatory drugs and steroid injections into the carpal tunnel.

Steroid injections are administered locally around the inflammation (only for non-infectious inflammations) to relieve pain.

If the pain is severe enough to hinder everyday life activities, patients may use this procedure to alleviate the pain.



Have you ever considered that one day you may not be able to freely use your hands?

The thought of losing the ability to properly use your hands is rather alarming.

We should never forget the importance of maintaining healthy hands so that they may continue to function at their optimum level.

The Go Family Pain Relief Institute at Godoil Spine Hospital will remain open until we treat all of the world's pain and discomfort.

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