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[Godoil Spine Hospital Guide] Hassle-free initial medical examination! - Godoil Spine Hospital Guide: First-time Visits Pt. 1





[Godoil Spine Hospital Guide] Hassle-free initial medical examination!

- Godoil Spine Hospital Guide: First-time Visits Pt. 1




What type of image comes to your mind when you think of hospitals?

I suffered from lots of minor ailments since I was a child, so I grudgingly became quite familiar with hospital visits.

There's no question, however, that hospitals are essential to the community for the treatment of diseases

and the general well-being of people.


The dictionary defines the word 'hospital' as

"an institution in which sick or injured persons are given medical or surgical treatment."

I believe a variety of images can be attached to hospitals depending on the service provided.

(Even though I felt that I was dragged into a wide range of clinics and hospitals as a child,

I still maintain a positive image because of the care and treatments I received.)

As I mentioned earlier, I suffered from a wide range of illnesses,

so I'm rather familiar with the diagnostic and treatment processes in a variety of hospitals.

However, those who were fortunate enough to have led strong and healthy lives may be unfamiliar

and possibly even anxious about visiting a medical facility.

I wonder what type of image first-time visitors and those unfamiliar with Godoil Spine Hospital have of

our spine care and pain treatment facilities?



We've decided to introduce the "Godoil Spine Hospital Guide" series to familiarize our visitors

with the services offered at Godoil Spine Hospital. The guides were designed to inform first-time visitors,

patients already receiving medical examinations and treatments, those who lack the time or opportunity to visit,

and even frequent visitors of hospitals.

Many people have expressed difficulty in becoming acquainted with hospitals

because of the overwhelmingly-complex procedures and unfamiliar surroundings.




It's a good idea to visit a hospital's website before you actually visit.

You can find out a wealth of important information about the doctors and medical care offered at the hospital,

and knowing its location, means of transportation,

and parking facilities in advance will ease any trouble you may face on your fist visit.


There one other important aspect of visiting a hospital’s website,

and that is understanding the procedures for your initial medical examination and treatment.


6F: Inpatient form and admittance -> 6F: Initial consultation -> B1: Examination room ->

2F: Explanation of treatment and care -> Treatment/Procedures – Outpatient care and return home

Your initial medical examination at Godoil Spine Hospital is explained relatively simply,

but it's probably somewhat difficult to grasp without physically visiting the hospital.

So let's get a bit more in-depth about the process, shall we?



Godoil Spine Hospital is located on the busy Gangnam-daero (Gangnam Main Street),

so the traffic and parking can be somewhat overwhelming to those who aren't accustomed to Seoul traffic.

Luckily, we're fully equipped with a parking tower and full-time valet parking staff to ease the burden.

Simply pull up with your vehicle to the parking tower entrance, and we'll take care of the rest.




The main building is within walking distance of the annex.

A friendly steward on the first floor of the main building will guide you to your destination,

so there's no need wander wondering where you need to go.

Our staff will offer quick assistance to ensure that your first visit to Godoil Spine Hospital is as smooth

and convenient as possible.



Take the elevator to the sixth floor, and our reception staff at the front desk will greet you and offer assistance.

Simply inform our staff that this is your first time visiting our hospital and fill out a brief inpatient form according to the instructions.


The inpatient form is comprised of some basic questions regarding a patient's personal information,

purpose of visit, and treatments. Patients may indicate areas in which they experience frequent pain

such as the neck, knees, legs, lower back, and shoulders.

Patients may also include brief descriptions of their past medical history as well as intensity of their pain.

Once completed, simply submit the inpatient form to a member of our reception staff.

You may be asked to include certain types of information on the form and hear a brief explanation of our privacy policy.

The reason we require an agreement to the use of personal information is because our staff will refer to you

by your name and date of birth for confirmation of identify as you move from floor to floor to receive one-on-one examinations

and treatments




Patients will be guided to their assigned doctor based on the information provided on the inpatient form.

After a one-on-one consultation, the doctor will determine the proper procedures for subsequent examinations and treatments.

Of course, patients are encouraged to be as specific and honest about their pains to ensure an accurate and rapid diagnosis.





After the initial examination, the doctor will carefully explain any proposed additional tests and why such tests are required.

Patients are encouraged to ask questions about any aspect of their care, and they may also confirm any future test schedules at this time.



If additional tests are required after completing the initial medical examination,

patients will be directed to the basement level-one (B1) of the main building.

A variety of tests are available in the examination room on B1 including MRI, infrared thermography,

digital X-ray, osteoporosis tests, quantitative sensory function tests, autonomic nervous system tests,

peripheral vascular tests, and a general physical examination.


The medical procedures may feel complex and even daunting on your initial examination,

but I hope that this guide can be helpful to first-time visitors.

In the following guide, I'll explain in detail about specific tests and introduce some areas of interest at the Godoil Spine Hospital.