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[Pain Relief Institute] Unexplained Fatigue - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)






[Pain Relief Institute] Unexplained Fatigue - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)








We experience many different types of pain and discomfort throughout our lives,

but I believe one type of pain can be particularly difficult to bear: A pain that one must endure alone.

Many illnesses and pains aren't obvious to the eye,

and the GO Family at Godoil Spine Hospital brings you this "Pain Relief Report" to shed light on such pains

and provide you with information you may not have known.


Let’s find out more about chronic fatigue syndrome, the first subject of today's Pain Relief Report.






 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 



Name: Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)

Characteristics: CFS is not a single, specific illness but rather a subset of symptoms that accompanies other illnesses.

Symptoms: Sufferers of CFS are often always tired and/or sore without suffering from any particular disease or illness.

Associated with: Fatigue, sleep disorders, headaches, gastrointestinal disorders, sense of helplessness, limb coldness,

dizziness, cold sweats


Chronic fatigue syndrome: The far-reaching hand of illnesses.

Could I possibly be suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome?





1. I get plenty of rest, but I still feel tired.

2. I don’t feel refreshed after a night’s sleep, and I feel heaviness in my shoulders.

3. Constant fatigue is affecting my work performance.

4. My memory and concentration aren’t as sharp as they once were.

5. I’ve felt sudden, unexplained pain in my throat, neck area, and armpits with no obvious causes.

6. I frequently experience pain in my muscles and/or joints with no prior injuries.

7. I sometimes inexplicably suffer from headaches.

8. I experience severe fatigue for several days after exercising.

9. I’ve noticed a loss of appetite.

10. There is spotting/pigmentation on my face, or my skin is dry/rough.



If you've regularly experienced five or more of the above ten symptoms,

you may be suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.

※ Self-diagnosis is not a replacement for professional consultation.

We recommend that you see a medical professional for an accurate diagnosis.




It's difficult to conclude whether chronic fatigue syndrome is or isn't a disease via exact numbers and statistics.

Thus, CFS is determined by the absolute symptoms of fatigue experienced by the sufferer.

Even on a day with the same biorhythm, a CFS sufferer may experience a significant difference in the level of fatigue.

When a CFS sufferer is subjected to such variances in energy levels at seemingly random intervals,

the impact can be quite severe to his or her daily life.




1. Positive lifestyle

The right lifestyle doesn't necessarily mean that one must live life according to rigid rules.

A regular and routine lifestyle can be achieved by adjusting aspects of one's lifestyle to within

a controllable range rather than making drastic changes overnight.

Working toward routine living habits that fit one's lifestyle can be considered the starting point

for achieving a healthy and positive lifestyle.





2. Regular exercise

How would one describe people's daily routines in our modern world?

Do people tend to stay idle in one place for too long while commuting to and from work or school?


Our activity levels naturally decrease according to our monotonous daily patterns,

but we can stimulate blood flow by investing just 30 minutes a day toward regular exercise for an increase in metabolism.

The type of exercise isn't nearly as important as following a regular routine for achieving good results.

So, exercise like you mean it!





3. Positive attitude

Although fatigue is often associated with the physical, the psychological factor cannot be underestimated.

The pain and discomfort you experience may change depending on how you handle stress and maintain a positive attitude.

Just take a look at the people around you.

You can probably see the sharp twinkle in the eyes of those who remain positive and enthusiastic.

Even if you find maintaining a positive attitude to be difficult,

simply interacting and exchanging positive energy with such people can have a major impact on your own mindset and outlook.



Nutritional therapy for controlling chronic fatigue syndrome

1. Total parenteral nutrition (TPN) injection

Depending on the condition of the patient, total parenteral nutrition injections are sometimes prescribed

by specialists in the field of chronic fatigue. Such injections can help alleviate micronutrient imbalances,

myalgia due to chronic fatigue, polyneuritis, mitochondrial myopathy,

and symptoms of muscle fatigue such as convulsions resulting from heavy physical work or activities.


The intravenous therapy delivers a combination of nutrients that help alleviate symptoms of chronic fatigue.

TPN injections require experienced specialists as the therapy demands a high level of knowledge gained by handling many patient cases.

A specialist determines the proper mixture of nutrients via ongoing patient care, examinations, and interviews.

This treatment can mitigate the effects of fatigue by administering a properly-mixed injection of more than ten types of nutrients.



2. Oral supplement therapy

To some, the idea of taking medicine can be disconcerting. It's no secret, however,

that taking the proper dosage of medicine at the appropriate time can be beneficial.

It has become difficult in the modern world to consume a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals from the food that we eat,

and supplements now play an important role in complete nutrition.


Today, many different types of supplements are available, and even the same vitamin

and mineral supplements can vary greatly in terms of absorption by the body.

Thus, selecting the proper supplements is more difficult than ever. If a patient consumes supplements based on a doctor's recommendation,

it just may improve cell functions more effectively.




Of course, it’s not easy to change habits that have become ingrained for decades.

Plus, the effects of any lifestyle changes aren't apparent overnight, so making any lasting changes will be a long and arduous battle.

Anyone who's attempted to lose weight will tell you that even professional help is ineffective unless you stay vigilant

in maintaining a healthy lifestyle with exercise and a good diet. Similarly, no illness or disease will vanish simply

because you receive the aforementioned treatments.


Remember that your strong will and positive thinking toward overcoming any illnesses is the best vaccine at your disposal!


The Go Family Pain Relief Institute at Godoil Spine Hospital will remain open until we treat all of the world's pain and discomfort.