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Frequently Asked Questions


I cannot walk properly because of the pain in my left foot.





Question >

I am a 37-year-old office worker. I cannot walk properly due to the pain in my left foot. I experienced a needle sharp pain in the sole between the third toe and the fourth toe of the left foot while walking. These days, the symptom has worsened. I visited an orthopedic clinic and took an X-ray in a suspicion of abnormality in the bone. There was no abnormality. But when I press the pain region with my fingers, the pain is worsened and I cannot use the region to step on the floor at all. Instead, I use only the side of the big toe when walking, which causes the pain even in the ankle. I wonder if there is abnormality in the tendons or if applying a hot pack can reduce the pain.

Answer >

It is likely to be plantar fasciitis or peritenonitis. The plantar fasciitis means the inflammation of muscle, called lantar fascia and the peritenonitis means the inflammation of tendom. The diseases are caused by excessive use of plantar fascia or tendom or repetitive stimulation. They are also caused by excessive exercise, wearing of high heels and the habit of wearing the crumpled shoes.

However, in rare cases, the plantar fasciitis may be caused by systemic rheumatism or systemic lupus etythematosus. The peritenonitis may also be caused by bacterial infection or rheumatism.

Because both of them are inflammatory diseases, the neglect may cause the worsened pain accompanied by chronic pain and dysfunction. So it is recommended to receive appropriate treatment as soon as possible. Severe symptoms need surgery. But most of them can be treated with inflammatory treatment and physical therapy. If you refrain from wearing tight shoes or high heels and place soft cotton or insole on the pain region of the shoes, the pain will be relieved. If the inflammatory disease, the hot pack may worsen the symptoms. So it is recommended to apply a cold pack.