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Frequently Asked Questions


I wonder if the patient with cervical herniated disc can only see the front side.





Question >

I am a patient with cervical disc herniation and have heard that bowed or twisted head should be avoided as much as possible.

I wonder if the patient with cervical disc herniation can only see the front side.

Answer >

Because the neck is the most moving region in the spine, it is impossible to see only the front. If the condition is not severe, which needs emergency surgery, cerebral disc herniation that trengthens the ligaments and muscles can improve the disease. In order to strengthen the muscles, exercise is the best. But if the patient with cerebral disc herniation conducts neck exercises carelessly, the condition may be worsened. So it is recommended to strengthen the ligaments first. 

If you strengthen the ligaments with ligament strengthening injection, the ligaments keep the gap between the vertebras like a lever, which revert the herniated disc to its original place. In the case of the pain due to cerebral disc herniation, FIMS therapy can widen neural foramen, a hole through which nerves pass. You will not suffer from cerebral disc herniation after resolving the problem of the disc and strengthening the neck muscles. Please find ways to treat aggressively, as you can improve the cerebral disc herniation with non-surgical ways.