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Bus Directions to Godoil Spine Hospital from Incheon International Airport






Bus Directions to Godoil Spine Hospital from Incheon International Airport




Greetings everyone!

Today, I'm going to provide you with directions for getting to Godoil Spine

Hospital by bus from Incheon International Airport.




Upon exiting the arrival gate at Incheon International Airport,

you will likely encounter people awaiting the arrival of their friends or family.




After you clear the gate area, look for an airport map indicating your current

location in relation to the nearby arrival gates (A through F).

Here, you can check where you need to go to find the correct exit for the bus stop.




You need to go to Exit 11 for the bus that will take you toward Godoil Spine Hospital.

Each exit has the number clearly displayed, so you should have no trouble finding the correct exit.

Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance at an information desk if you have trouble finding the exit!




Once you exit the passenger terminal, look for the above bus sign.

The bus routes for Gangnam Yeoksam, Gangnam COEX, Gimpo Airport - Incheon Songdo,

Namsam, City Hall, and Jamsil are displayed on the board.




The bus that you need to take is 6009. You can board the bus at stop 11B,

which is right next to 11A.




Check the route for bus number 6009. Your destination is Nonhyeon Station,

the fourth stop (4th) from Incheon Int'l Airport. Travel time is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Don’t forget to check the number on the bus when it arrives!




The Nonhyeon Station bus stop (ID #22-013) is shown in the picture above.




Godoil Spine Hospital is just across the street!




Safely cross the nearby pedestrian crossing to get to the hospital.




And you've arrived at Godoil Spine Hospital! It's pretty simple, isn't it?