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Subway Directions to Godoil Spine Hospital from Incheon International Airport






Subway Directions to Godoil Spine Hospital from Incheon International Airport



Greetings everyone!

Today, I'm going to provide you with directions for getting to Godoil Spine Hospital by subway

from Incheon International Airport.




Upon exiting the arrival gate at Incheon International Airport,

you will likely encounter people awaiting the arrival of their friends or family.




After you clear the gate area, look for an airport map indicating your current location

in relation to the nearby arrival gates (A through F). From your arrival gate, go left toward Gate A.




You should see the above KTF, Airport Railroad sign near the end of the terminal.

The Airport Railroad signs are always indicated in yellow!




Double-check the directions, and ride the escalator down to the first basement level.




You should readily see KTX, Airport Railroad signs throughout the terminal.

Don’t hesitate to ask for assistance at an information desk if you have trouble finding directions!




After riding the escalator down to the first basement level and following the signs,

you should see an Airport Railroad sign and a moving walkway as pictured above.




Continue on the moving walkway and follow the signs toward the station.

You will soon arrive at the ticket kiosks and turnstiles as shown above.

Purchase a one-time-use transit card from a ticket kiosk,

and then go through the turnstile by tagging (scanning) the card on the scanner.

Again, do not hesitate to ask for assistance at the information desk to the right if you have any trouble!




Go straight ahead past the turnstiles. 




Ride another escalator down to the Airport Railroad station.




You should see the above Incheon Int’l Airport station sign nearby after stepping off the escalator.

You need to board the subway train headed toward Hongik University and Seoul Station to get to Godoil Spine Hospital. 




Be sure to double-check the next stop in the train’s route (A09 - Incheon Airport Cargo Terminal),

and then board the train when it arrives.




The Incheon Airport line map can be found inside the train. Your destination is Gimpo Int’l Airport,

the seventh stop (7th) from Incheon Int'l Airport.

(Station order: Incheon Int'l Airport - Incheon Airport Cargo Terminal - Unseo - Yeongjong

- Cheongna Int'l City - Geomam - Gyeyang - Gimpo Int'l Airport)

You need to transfer to another line at Gimpo Intl'l Airport. Travel time is approximately 40 minutes.




You've arrived at Gimpo Int'l Airport. You should see the above sign after getting off the train.




The train you'll be transferring to (Line 9, yellow-brown or khaki) is directly across from where you get off.

The sign above you will indicate that the platform for your transfer is straight ahead.

Be sure that your next train on Line 9 is headed toward Sinnonhyeon Station.




You can see other people waiting in line for the train in the above photo.

The sign on the pillar (right) shows that the platform is for the Line 9 train bound for Sinnonhyeon Station.




Another sign above the doorway shows you that you are currently at Gimpo Int’l Airport.

The direction arrow indicates that the next stop is Airport Market for the local train.

The first available stop for the express train is Gayang. Either train will take you where you need to go.




The above image, found above the train doors, is the line map for Line 9.

Godoil Spine Hospital is located near Sinnonhyeon Station, the terminal station for Line 9.

Sinnonhyeon Station is the twenty-third stop (23rd) for the local train,

and the travel time is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

It’s the ninth stop (9th) for the express train, and the travel time is only about 40 minutes.


We recommend that you take the express train for a much shorter travel time.

You can check whether the train is local or express by the display on above the sliding doors.

(Express Train: Red / Local Train: Yellow)  




Look for the Sinnonhyeon Station signs on the station walls to make sure you’ve arrived at the correct station.




Ride a nearby escalator up to the floor above.




Go straight after getting off the escalator.




Tag (scan) your transit card at a turnstile and exit.




Keep going straight and look for Exit 2 near the Mister Donut as seen in the photo above.

Continue following the direction arrows for Exit 2, and turn the corner to the right.




A Watsons is located near the exit. 




Go to Exit 2 toward Godoil Spine Hospital.




Godoil Spine Hospital is indicated on the guide and map for your convenience.

You’re almost there!




Ride one more escalator to ground level.




This is what you should see once you reach ground level.

A tuna specialty restaurant (Lee Chun-bok Tuna) can be seen to your left.




Sinnonhyeon Station is displayed in Korean, English, and Japanese.




Let’s turn around for a second to make sure you took the correct exit! 




Walk straight from Sinnonhyeon Station Exit 2.

You will see a Starbucks Coffee to your left, and the street will be on your right.




Keep walking! Go, go go!




You will see a Calvin Klein store and The Coffee Bean within a few minutes of walking.

Godoil Spine Hospital is just beyond The Coffee Bean.




Voila! You’ve finally arrived at Godoil Spine Hospital! Great job!